Archival Collections

Please contact us if you are interested in finding aids for any of the following collections.

AC1: Department of Development and Public Affairs Records, 1876-1998

AC2: Wellesley Convalescent Home Records, 1869-1959

AC3: Infant’s Hospital Records, 1882-1961

AC4: House of Good Samaritan Records, 1860-1966

AC5: The Sarah Fuller Foundation for Little Deaf Children Records, 1888-1972

AC6: Children’s Hospital School of Nursing Records, 1889-1994

AC7: Children’s Mission to Children Records, 1884-1978

AC8: Staff Executive Committee Records, 1938-2004

AC9: Children’s Hospital Statistics Records, 1904-1969

AC26: Children’s Hospital League Records, 1920-2012

AC10: Office of Facility Planning Records, 1943-2010

AC11: Sharon Sanatorium Records, 1891-1988

AC12: Physical Therapy Department Records, 1905-1992

AC13: Department of Neurosurgery Records, 1929-1999

AC14: Department of Radiology Records, 1975-1990

AC15: Children’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Records, 1904-2004

AC16: Department of Nursing Records, 1947-2019

AC17: Department of Social Services Records, 1910-2004

AC19: Adolescent Unit Records, 1951-2005

AC20: Martha Eliot Health Center Records, 1967-2006

AC21: Division of Hematology and Oncology Records, 1983-2005

AC22: Department of Anesthesia Records, 1997-2007

AC23: Secretary of the Corporation Records, 1869-1997

AC24: Children’s Hospital Alumnae Association, 1939-2003