Manuscript Collections

Please contact us if you are interested in finding aids for any of the following manuscript collections.

MC1: Adeline Blanchard Tyler (1805-1875) Papers, 1869-1873

MC2: Helen E. Fitzgerald (1914-1992) Papers, 1930-1985

MC3: Edith Pollard Ralston Papers, 1899-1903

MC4: Clement A. Smith, MD (1901-1988) Papers, 1927-1988

MC5: Lendon Snedeker, MD Papers, 1869-1979

MC6: Dorothy Frances Pratt (1907-1998) Papers, 1944-1971

MC7: Charles Alderson Janeway, MD Papers, 1882-2006

MC8: Rita Littlewood Teele, MD Papers, 1972-1992

MC9: Robert Moors Smith, MD Papers, 1897-1996

MC12: James Roswell Gallagher, MD Papers, 1903-1995

MC13: Myra Fox Papers, 1964-1994

MC14: Betty Lank, RN Papers, 1904-2001

MC15: Mary Ellen Avery, MD Papers, 1942-2000

MC16: Sarah Fish Woodworth, RN (1889-1991) Papers, 1915-1921

MC18: Elizabeth Alice Pitcher Jones, RN (1922-1997) Papers, 1940-2013

MC19: Lorraine Sweeney Nicoli Papers, 1942-2013

MC20: Charlotte de Tonnacour, RN Papers, 1919-1920